The most incendiary issue in America today is the subject of a compelling new musical that ventures into the soul of a nation divided.  Through 13 songs and 7 characters, “Locked and Loaded, an American Musical” journeys with a parent coming to grips with his son’s death in a mass shooting. In the quest to honor a child’s memory by fighting a draconian new gun law, friendships are tested, stereotypes put up for grabs and even love of country is on the line. But within the concentric circles of pain wrought by gun violence, there is love and laughter. And when an unexpected twist upends the notion of what it might finally take to spur reform, hope still prevails. Through it all, a grieving father is strengthened by a woman who steps into his life just when he needs her most. Together they seek an illusive state—and state of mind—”where battles are fought/by rounds of thought.”


To support the development of this show, donations (made out to “Locked and Loaded”) may be sent to: Locked and Loaded, P.O. Box 306, Provincetown, MA 02657. For questions or information about a performance, direct emails to:

What They Are Saying . . .

“I really enjoyed the songs. [Yours are] clever, lovely lyrics—Elise Dewsberry, Artistic Director, New Musicals Inc./Academy for New Musical Theatre

“We’re proud to have given a launching platform to this creative and entertaining take on a most relevant topic.”—Brian Carlson, Past President Provincetown Theater Foundation

“I welcome events like this show that extend the conversation [on guns] and thank Jim Brosseau and all those involved.”—Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Hear Songs From “Locked and Loaded, an American Musical” . . .

“Why” (Copyright Jim Brosseau 2014), sung by Spencer Keasey

“Thank God There’s You” (Copyright Jim Brosseau 2014), sung by Sarah MacDonnell and Spencer Keasey

Meet Jim Brosseau


“To suggest that anyone in support of tougher gun laws wants to repeal the Second Amendment is an insult to those  who lost their lives at Sandy Hook, Parkland, Mother Emanuel, Pulse … and all the other victims of America’s mass-shooting epidemic.”

The book writer, composer and lyricist of “Locked and Loaded, an American Musical,” Jim Brosseau is a National Magazine Award-winning editor and writer and veteran staffer of Town & Country, Condé Nast Traveler and USA Today, among others. His articles have appeared in numerous U.S. and Canadian publications. He is the editor of a popular anthology on civility. A self-taught pianist, he has performed at clubs and private events in New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia and, most recently, on Cape Cod. His first musical, “Delicate Lessons,” received staged readings in 2013 at the historic Provincetown Theater, where “Locked and Loaded, an American Musical” was also presented.